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While there is a dizzying array of information resources and reports about COVID-19, we wanted to let our Clients and families know what At Home Caregivers is doing to ensure that we continue to provide “Legendary Caregiving Services“.  The health and safety of our Clients has always been our first priority.  As such, we utilize Universal Safety Precautions, which include hand washing, safety gloves and proper contact and sanitation protocols.  During this pandemic, At Home Caregivers has heightened our efforts to protect our Clients, Caregivers and Staff by reinforcing these rules of engagement.   Whatever the health threat, we will continue our mission of “Service To Others” using all relevant knowledge and best practices.

Studies have shown that older adults are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.  That is why we are taking extra measures to encourage our Caregivers to stay home if they have a cough, cold or flu-like symptoms and to distance themselves from any friends or family members who have been sick or traveling recently.  We continue to seek guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health authorities and will follow all protocols and guidelines issued.

We believe that At Home Caregivers is well prepared.  It is our standard practice to train Caregivers and Staff on preventative measures to keep Clients safe.  We regularly stock an ample supply of Caregiving related products (gloves, wipes, masks, etc.). It is standard practice for our Caregivers to monitor the condition of our Clients and immediately report any changes to the office.  We are currently reinforcing and/or adding to the following existing safety measures:

We have reiterated and reinforced with all Caregivers the precautions needed to prevent viruses from spreading, including regular hand washing and disinfecting surfaces.

  • Caregivers are on the alert to recognize and report symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, and breathing difficulties.
  • Caregivers have been informed to stay home and away from Clients if they are coughing, sick, and/or manifesting flu-like symptoms.
  • At Home Caregivers has always distributed gloves, masks, sanitizing wipes, and other materials.  As you are likely aware, some of these items are in very short supply.  We therefore ask families to help supply these items if possible.
  • We are providing our Caregivers and Staff with ongoing communications as COVID-19 events unfold.

At Home Caregivers remains 100% focused on the well-being and peace of mind of our Clients. Communications with Clients and families, while always important, is more so now with the uncertainty and fast-changing situation.  We will continue to provide updates should the CDC and local health departments suggest additional precautions that affect our service.


Pete Rubens


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