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At Home Caregivers Is Here for You

At Home Caregivers partners with local hospice agencies to keep your loved one free of pain and comfortable. Our caregivers are trained professionals who know how to enhance the quality of life in a familiar environment surrounded by family and friends.

Hospice care provides medical, emotional, and spiritual support for people who are in the latter stages of a terminal illness. Hospice care helps family members manage the medical needs, emotional challenges, and details of caring for a loved one during this time. Hospice services can be provided wherever you call home.

male caregiver helping a senior woman using a walker leave her home

Providing Experience and Peace of Mind

Hospice services are typically provided by Medicare-certified, licensed hospice agencies on a per visit (intermittent) basis. At Home Caregivers can provide ongoing (continuous) custodial and personal care services. We work closely with your hospice agency of choice following their medical and clinical directives, i.e., medications, dosing frequency, turning and positioning, pain management, nutrition, etc.

Legendary Caregiver Services for Seniors in Marin and Sonoma Counties

Call Marin: 415-898-4663 Call Sonoma: 707-575-4663